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Duster & Trench coat  Directions



Full size patters sleeves have a front and a back but for dolls we can get away with booth sides of the sleeve being the same cut. With right sides together Pen and sew DUSTER SLEEVE to DUSTER FRONT and DUSTER BACK. AT SEAM 7


With right sides together sew seam 5 from crease line of cuff all the way up the sleeve down the front back seam all the way down to hem 11. Now is the time to test fit the shirt on the doll .If you would like the shirt to be tighter sew another seam 1/8th inch in from the one above (seam 5) be sure to do the same on each side. Keep taking shirt up 1/8 inch at a time unto it is as tight as you like..


Hem hem 111


Turn Duster / Trench right sides out Add buttons Velcro snaps or desired fasteners

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