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Directions for  Obi pattern 

The seam allowance is drafted for 1/4 "  but the pattern has been designed  to work with a whider allowance. (Because who really  has a 1/4 foot?)

Obi belt

1. Sew OBI together at seam "9-O"

2. Turn right side out. him both ends.

3. Iron flat.

4. Sew on Velcro / hook loop tape.



Obi bow  and Obi pad.

The Obi bow and pad use the same pattern peace


1 . I find it better to fold both ends under 1st.

2. Sew  "seam 9-OP  and turn right side out.

Obi pad is finnished.  obi bow needs to be sewn in a loop.


Obi bow strap

1. Sew  "seam 9-BS  and turn right side out.

2. sew ends toger to form loop.

3. push the OBI BOW through the loop. to form a bow shape

4. finish by pushing OBI belt through the back of the Obi bow strap .

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