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Directions for  Kimono pattern 


The seam allowance is drafted for 1/4 "  but the pattern has been designed  to work with a whider allowance. (Because who really  has a 1/4 foot?)


The order  the Kimono is aassembled is inportant.Especially for the back and sleeves.

Shootingmars has posted video directions for this pattern
Part 1 , Part 2 



1st mark the notches on the sleve and body.


2. sew the 2 FRONTs together at "seam 12".


3. Sew the BACK to the front at "seam 1&2" only ( do Not sew the sides yet.


4. Him  "Him 6" on both fronts . It is inportant that "Him 6"  is finnished before adding the collar.


5. a. Fold one end of the COLLAR under to form a 1/4" him.

   b. Start on the left front  and pin COLLAR  to the body at "Seam4" stop 1 inch before the end of ""seam4"  ( The COLLAR will be longer than the body. )

   C. Fold the extra COLLAR under to form a him and pin even with the edge of the body.


Note: you may need to cut some from the end of the COLLAR  to get it to fold under.




1st mark the notches on the sleve and body.


2. Use the 3 notches to aline the SLEEVE to the body.


3. Sew "seam 7"  ( Only sew between the 1st and 3rd notch). Mack sure you use back stitch to lock in the seam on both ends.


4.  Sew "Hem 1"  It's a good idea to lay the sleeve flat and iron "Hem 1" from the bottom of one side of the sleeve all the way across to the other side. ( I like to include the sleeve side of  "seam 7" with hem and sew all the way from corner to corner.


5. Now form the cuff buy turning under "Hem 2"  and sew only between the notches.


6. Sew "seam 8"  its a good idea to start at the bottom of the sleeve and sew to the cuff.  also helps if you stop sewing 1/4" or 6mm before you reach the cuff.


Back to the body.


1. Start around 1/4 " / 6mm from the  arm pit and sew "Seam 5"  from top to bottom.  

2. Depending on the cut and seam allowance  you used they may be up to 1/4 inch of extra cloth at the bottom.  simply cut it off even.

3. Fold under  , sew "Hem 11"  Post/send photos to our FaceBook page and your done.

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